Why Skamagkas Apartments? Why not another name? 

Once someone finishes with all the legal processes he has to go through in order to start a business, he has to come up with a fancy name that will tingle the curiosity of potential customers and pave the way for upcoming reservations. However, that certainly doesn't apply in our case. Straight from the get go, we decided to use our surname "Skamagkas", not only because it's a family business, but also because it has a meaningful heritage, thus being important to us. As you might have already noticed if you've been in Crete before, the vast majority of the surnames end with -akis. Not ours though. For lots of years, thousands of Greeks, were living in various regions around the coast of Asia. Specifically, back in the early 1900's, my great-grandparents were living in Sivrisari (Seferihisar in Turkish).


In 1922 something terrible happened, known as Asia Minor Disaster. About one third of the Greek population were expulsed from millennia old homelands. The people who were expelled suffered greatly, they had to leave their homes and their belongings and start a new life somewhere else. Months after the catastrophe, my great-grandparents arrived in Chania, Crete, where they persuited a fresh start. Fighting through poverty and deprivation they managed to stand on their feet. These are roots. This is who we are. This is why we decided to name our apartments, Skamagkas Apartments. It means the world to us and we couldn't be more happy with the fact that such a rare surname is now used for our family business.


Below you'll find lots of pictures from my own trip in Sivrisari many years ago. It's incredibly emotional to stand in front of all these old abandoned Greek homes. 

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